House rules

  1. Medium progression is smoothed out to 1, 3, 10, 30, 100, etc.
  2. Average human stats are 6 Body, 6 Mind, 6 Soul. Competent humans will also have appropriate skills.
  3. Multiple Defenses will apply per attacker instead of per turn
  4. Characters will be awarded skill points to advance. 10 skill points may be exchanged for 1 build point.


  1. A character receiving first aid (a Medical [Emergency Response] check) recovers 20 health.
  2. Characters will recover their Body stat in health every hour (x2 with medical care, x1/2 with no rest).

Heroic Inspiration

Characters will be awarded a Heroic Inspiration point for various inconveniences (being knocked out, being captured, having a dependent kidnapped, when villains escape from jail, etc). They’ll be able to spend these points at the players’ discretion, for one of the following effects:

  • Second wind; the character heals to full health (only when safe and out of combat)
  • A lucky (or unlucky) blow; the player may alter a die just rolled to show any number desired
  • A flash of inspiration; the GM gives the character a good clue or hunch
  • Just what I needed; the character either finds a simple item that’s unlikely in the current environment, or can insert an unlikely element into the scene

Upon spending an Inspiration point, that character will receive 5 skill points.

Plot hooks

Each character will have 3 Plot Hook slots. When a Plot Hook is used by the GM, that character will be awarded an Inspiration point. Players can change their plot hooks between sessions. A Plot hook could be a Location, a Villain, a Victim, or an Event.

House rules

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