The Inheritors

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Lights Out

PCs get asked by Det. Victoria Weiss to look into the disappearance of the The Northern Lights, who’ve been missing for a day now. While suspicious of the Detective, the PCs agree to look into it. They meet the Golden Guardian and discover that Malifax cleared out his room before telling the other Lights that he’d had a vision and they needed to move quickly, then teleporting them out.

They also transferred Leili-Wellyggani to Richard’s indoor swimming pool, about which the less said the better.

Blowing bubbles

PCs head to the Water point and wait for the Spirit Blades to attack, which they eventually do. As they wait, they notice that they can see merfolk through the bubbles caused by their exhalations, and an underwater fountain that looks like it’s meant to be an air fountain. After fighting off the attackers, the PCs activate the fountain and Defender and Captain Hero pass through the curtain to find a nearly identical world (geographically). They return after a while (with the merfolk’s help), only to find that a mermaid has slipped through after them.

On the surface of Lake Ontario, Impulse has received a request from the police to investigate the disappearance of the The Northern Lights.


A mist rises, and Raggedy Ann is possessed by another being. Meanwhile, the Spirit Blades attack. PCs fight off the attackers, but not until one of them gets away with Mary-Ann. Defender recovers her, and brings Mary-Ann to her mother for advice, to no avail. He continues to study her, eventually coming up with a device to split the body between the two souls occupying it, in a sealed bunker underground.

Go train stopped

Tornado touches down at the Toronto Maintenance Centre for railcars, near the Islington Ave bridge. Players explore the water-based locations.

Lightning strike damages school

Lightning repeatedly struck the School of Experiential Education last night. The school, located near Islington and Dixon, lost all of its electronics equipment as a result of the strike, from computers to calculators. Secondary explosions caused severe structural damage to the basement and ground floor. Damages are estimated at over $300K.

Mr. Thomas Winsk, the school’s director, has closed the school until repairs can be made. “It is most unfortunate, most unfortunate indeed. At SEE, we teach that there is no better way to learn than to do, but this is one lesson we could have done without.”

Flames engulf firemen

A four-alarm blaze broke out yesterday at Toronto Fire Services Headquarters, resulting in over $10M in damages. According to Mayor Jo Franks, finding temporary accommodations is a top priority for the Public Services committee.

One employee, speaking on condition of anonymity, claims that the fire was arson. “The speed at which the fire spread, and the unusual behaviour of the flame just don’t leave any other options. It wasn’t natural, and it wasn’t an accident.” Officials dispute this account.

Eyewitnesses claim to have seen figures moving about in the fire, without being burnt. Rev. Charboen insisted that “this is God’s judgment on the megacity. He has sent us an avenging angel, who will cleanse the festering corruption in our so-called elected officials!”

Smoke floods Don Mills station

Nearly two dozen were driven from the Don Mills subway platforms late yesterday when the tunnels filled with acrid black smoke. The TTC released this statement:

“A construction vehicle parked in a maintenance bay just off of the Don Mills line was deliberating set on fire. We will be releasing all evidence to the police in due time.”

Hearing reports that some unidentified individuals at the station pressed back into the smoke to lead the less fortunate to safety, City Hall praised their quick actions and neighbourly attitude, but was quick to point out that rescue work should be left to professionals with the appropriate training and equipment.

Scarborough's Sinkhole Snarl
A hole lot of traffic

Traffic in Scarborough was brought to a halt after a minor earthquake on Tuesday evening. While the quake barely registered at a 1.8 magnitude, it was enough to open a massive sinkhole at the intersection of Eglinton Ave and Brimley Rd. A number of citizens claim to have seen a swarm of giant centipedes evacuate the hole, but city officials deny any possibility of an infestation.

“It’s just not possible”, insisted Marlene Stewart, speaking on behalf of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee. “Insects do not feed on crushed rock and asphalt. We are investigating this occurrence to ensure the safety of all of New Toronto’s roads. I am certain that the final report will determine the cause to be a leaking water main in combination with a localized earthquake.”

Reports of an attack from underground were quickly dismissed by Ms. Stewart, who continued to explain that “any lights or explosions people may have seen or heard were undoubtedly due to a minor gas leak that was stopped by the quick action of a few brave citizens. While we greatly appreciate their willingness to risk all for the city, we cannot encourage people to rush headlong into danger. Please, leave public works to the professionals.”


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