Mary-Ann Sullivan: Raggedy Ann

The Memory of Mary-Ann Sullivan


Hook; Mary-Ann’s Mother

Mary-Ann lives with her mother Lucie in a small apartment located above a restaurant named Borough Pizza. Lucie is aware of Mary-Ann’s semi human nature however she has accepted that even though Mary-Ann’s body has changed she is still her daughter. The Sullivan women have a complex relationship. Lucie believes that Mary-Ann is dependent upon her and wouldn’t be able to function without her. As such she is constantly offering un-needed advice and assistance. Even when Mary-Ann does something heroic Lucie will nag her about her clothes or why she didn’t get the cute police officers phone number.

Hook; Borough Pizza:

Borough pizza is a small pizza restaurant located in a rough part of Scarborough, it’s owned by Lucie Sullivan. The restaurant is a successful small business despite the heavy crime rates in the area. The local criminals know better than to mess with Borough Pizza because for some reason Raggedy Ann always seems to be nearby.

Hook; Night-time in the Scar:

The Scarborough neighbourhood is a poor part of Toronto known locally as ‘The Scar’. The area is crime ridden and the municipal politicians simply don’t care. As such the night-time shift in Scarborough is one of the most dangerous for police and paramedics. Raggedy-Ann spends her nights patrolling the Scar, using her heightened hearing to detect when trouble is happening. Many of the police and paramedic who work the Scar night shift see her as their unofficial backup.


Mary-Ann Sullivan was an employee of Shell Canada working in northern Alberta. Originally hailing from the Scarborough region of Toronto she moved to Alberta after graduating from university with a master’s degree in microbiology. Her specialization was microbial induced corrosion (MIC) and as part of her research for Shell Canada she would often find herself working alone at geographically isolated oil wells and oil pumping stations. It was at one of those pumping stations that she encountered the creature.

The creature was a member of a species that lived in the oil formations that Shell was pumping out of. The creatures species were simple unintelligent life forms possessing neither an internal nor external skeleton and having the functions of basic organs distributed throughout their body. They were essentially living liquid. Having evolved deep underground the creatures would occasionally encounter the fossilized or decayed remains of nerve cells. The liquid nature of the species made these nerve cells exceedingly useful and the species evolved the ability to copy these cells thus gaining a limited ability to move and search for organic matter.

Resembling little more than a pool of crude oil the creature had been displaced by pumping activity and ended up on the surface. Dazed and confused the unintelligent creature began searching for organic matter to consume. The first thing it encountered was a northern bat. The bat did not survive the experience. Upon consuming the brain of the bat the creature instinctively copied the nerve cells, distributing them throughout its body. Unlike the decayed and fossilized cells the creature had evolved to copy the bat’s brain was fresh and the creature ended up with the fully functional mind of a bat.

The bat-creature hybrid found itself overwhelmed with a host of instincts that couldn’t hope to handle the situation it was in. The bat’s instincts wanted the hybrid creature to flee, however it didn’t have legs or wings. Normally it wouldn’t be able to move quickly but with the fresh infusion of brand new nerve cells it was able to rapidly change its shape. The creature flailed about creating multiple mouse like shapes that scrambled around. This activity attracted the attention of a hungry coyote. The coyote didn’t survive the experience.

The creature that Mary-Ann Sullivan encountered was a living pool of liquid able to change its shape and move rapidly across the terrain. The host of instincts it had gathered from the creatures it had killed had turned it into a predator searching for meat to feed its hunger for organic matter. Mary-Ann never stood a chance and was killed without the slightest understanding of what was attacking her. Upon consuming her mind the creature suddenly found itself possessing not only human instincts but human thoughts, memories, hopes, dreams, and a name. Its name was Mary-Ann Sullivan.


Mary -Ann’s mind still contains the instincts of the animals that the creature fed upon, wild animal urges that push her towards fight or flight. It took her a significant amount of time to master those animal instincts and gain conscious control over them. During that time she was little more than an animal. She remembers that instinctual existence and she’s repulsed by it.

The neighbourhood Mary-Ann lives in experiences a large amount of street level crime. To her it is people surrendering to their animal instincts. She has a strong desire to protect those who are being victimized and to help bring the criminals under control. She sees the police and paramedics as natural allies and helps them out whenever she can. This is the reason that she has started donning a costume and patrolling the streets.

Mary-Ann Sullivan: Raggedy Ann

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