Viktor Gurka: Defender

Technical Genius


Stats 55

6 Body 9
12 Mind 28
9 Soul 18

General ‘Powers’ 12

1 Gadgets (Workshop, 4 communicators) 2
4 Highly Skilled (40 bonus skill points) 4
1 Regeneration (Regenerate 5 health per turn) 6

The following were all purchased using Items of Power at a 4:5 point ratio 77

Non-Power Armoured ‘Powers’ 24

2 Computer Scanning (1 m radius computer access) 4
10 Gadgeteer (1000x faster to build stuff) 20

Power Armoured ‘Powers’ 57

2 Mass Increase (Always On -1) 15
2 Heightened Sense (Infravision, Radar) 2
4 Special Attack Base 12
4 Sonic Pulse Beam (40 dmg, AF, Stun, Short Range, Toxic) 4
4 Magnetic Cannon (60 dmg, Penetrate Armour) 4
3 Flight (100 kph hovering) 12
2 Special Defence (No need to breathe) 2
1 Armour (30 Armour) 3
1 ACV (Targetting Computer) 3


2 Nemesis (Dr. Power Armour?) [-2]
1 Achilles Heel (Electrical attacks (Uncommon) only in Power Armour) [-1]
1 Inept Defence (-1 DCV) [-2]
1 Skeleton in the Closet (Secret ID – Viktor Gurka) [-1]
1 Significant Other (Sister) [-1]


1 Artisan (Metalworking) (8 Body/Soul) 2
2 Computers (Programming) (14 Mind) 8
4 Electronics (Power Armour) (16 Mind) 16
2 Language (English, Russian, Ukranian) (14 Mind) 2
4 Mechanics (Power Armour) (16 Mind) 16
1 Navigation (Air) (13 Mind) 2
1 Physical Sciences (Engineering) (13 Mind) 5
1 Heavy Weapons (Gunnery) (11 ACV) 9
1 Ranged Defence (Personal) (7 DCV) 12
1 Unarmed Defence (Strikes) (7 DCV) 8


Viktor Gurka is the son of a Ukrainian couple who immigrated to Canada in the early 90s. His father was an electrical engineer, and his mother a mechanical engineer, however they were unable to get jobs in their profession and ended up opening a repair shop in Toronto. Since there were many more electronic items to repair than mechanical ones, Viktor’s father spent most of his time in the back workshop while his mother managed the customers in the front office.

After school each day, Viktor and his sister would go to the shop where they’d play and do homework in the workshop amidst their father’s work. While his sister was never particularly interested in their father’s work, Viktor found it fascinating and once he was a little older he began spending some free time helping repair stuff.

Viktor was still in high school when his father had a stroke. Without his father’s expertise the repair business that his parents ran was in jeopardy, so Viktor decided to take a year off of school to work. Unfortunately his father’s condition never improved and Viktor ended up dropping out of school to take over the workshop at the store.

Once Viktor realized that his father’s condition was permanent, he reorganized the stuff in workshop and began cataloguing everything. One thing that he found was a project his father was secretly working on—nanites. According to what Viktor could decipher of his father’s notes, these nanites could be used to build designs out of spare parts in mere moments. By devoting all of his spare time to working on the nanites, Viktor was able to get them operational.

At first Viktor planned to sell the nanite technology to make lots of money, however he was worried that a) there were aspects to the technology that he didn’t understand, b) since they were primarily his father’s invention, that Viktor didn’t have the moral right to sell it, and c) this technology could be used to make dangerous weapons that his father wouldn’t approve of.

Instead Viktor used the nanites to work on designing and building a fusion power generator. He had some ideas which would allow for ‘cold’ fusion, or at least fusion at temperatures of only tens of thousands of degrees instead of millions. And the nanites allowed him to quickly build and test multiple delicate prototypes over a very short period of time.

Finally Viktor got one of his prototypes working reliably. It still needed to be tweaked occasionally, and Viktor had some concerns about what would happen when the project was scaled up, but he was comfortable enough with the project to take it public. He contacted some news organizations and some corporations and provided a demonstration of his fusion power plant generating enough electricity to power a building while producing only pure helium as a by-product.

For a short time Viktor was a bit of a celebrity, corporations vied to buy his patents and his expertise to build a full scale version of his fusion power plant. Unfortunately for Viktor some independent labs began trying to replicate his results, while other physicists began to question his physics. Although no one could prove that Viktor had faked his fusion generator, the fact that no independent labs were able to replicate his results, and that various experiments were able to disprove some of the physics involved in his designs meant that soon the same scientists and corporate bigwigs who had been praising Viktor, were now calling him a fraud.

At first Viktor assumed that the independent labs were unable to properly fine-tune the power plant, something that he could do trivially with the aid of the nanites. However he soon realized that there were problems with his original design, but that somehow the nanites were able to actively compensate for these flaws. While Viktor still hasn’t figured out how they do this, he did realize that he could take advantage of this fact to design and build his own fantastic inventions.

Since Viktor had always been fascinated by space, he decided that his next project would be to build a suit that would allow him to fly up into space. After years of effort he was finally able to build a suit that he was certain could get him out of the earth’s atmosphere and protect him from that environment. While it wasn’t yet able to achieve orbital velocity, Viktor was ready to take it for a test run.

His inaugural flight proved a success, however upon returning to Toronto he heard the sound of gunfire. Landing in the streets he found the police in a shoot-out with several bank robbers. Since the armour designed to protect him from the rigours of space should also protect him from most gunfire, Viktor waded into the fight to disarm the robbers. When questioned about his identity, Viktor could only think to call himself the Defender and claim to be a superhero.

After leaving the crime scene and sneaking back into his workshop (via his secret storm sewer entrance), Viktor realized that he could in fact become a superhero. Adding in some weapon systems and targeting computers, he converted his space suit into a crime fighting suit of power armour. He spends his free time patrolling the streets of Toronto, giving communicators to other superheroes he comes across and doing his best to make Toronto a safer place to live.

Viktor Gurka: Defender

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