Richard Merchant: Captain Hero



body 7
mind 7
soul 7

health 90

significant other 1bp

wealth 2

reincarnation 1

special defense
ageing 2
disease 1
poison 1

alternate form 3

alternate form 4

cultural arts 1
art appraisal
etiquette 1
upper class
visual arts 1
management and administration 1
foreign culture 1
East Indian
languages 2
Hindi, sign language
performing arts 1
public speaking
occult 1
unarmed attack 1
unarmed defense 1
special ranged attack 1


marked 2bp

flight 1

healing 1
20 points
area 0
range 0
targets 1

thunderbolt 4
40 damage

holy touch 5
20 damage
soul attack
vampiric 2


marked 3bp
vulnerability 1bp
holy grounds

mass decrease 10
permanent 2bp

special defense
does not breathe 2
hunger 1
sleep 1

invisibility 1
area 1
targets 0
affects “electronic sight” gotta look that up
concentration 1bp

regeneration 1

woeful touch 1
drain soul 4pts
backblast 2
no damage
reduction -20 damage
may fiddle here a bit for armor piercing

cold breath 1
40 damage
spreading 2
limited shots (1 shot, 1 action reload)
short range


Richard Merchant was born in 1838. His grandfather emigrated to America in 1795. Richard’s father expanded the family’s fortunes and Richard was born into money. Richard started to age slowly around the age of 17; this became obvious to those who knew him as his twenties and thirties passed. Richard ran his family’s business and investments; he married and had three children; he got involved in community charities and municipal politics.

Richard suffered a heart attack and floated in and out of consciousness at the hospital, he had strange dreams for weeks. Richard eventually came to in his family’s mausoleum. Panicked at being wrongly interred, he fought to escape and transformed into a winged man; he blasted free with bolts of lightning. Richard was able to return to his normal form and find his way home. There he discovered that the time in the hospital had not occurred, his heart attack had been fatal and he had been interred for six months; the dreams had been some sort of afterlife. Cast out by family and friends as an obvious imposter, Richard was heart-broken.

Richard mastered his powers and used them selfishly. He rebuilt his fortune through robbery, easily done with his super powers. He died again, within a couple years of his return, in a residential fire. This time Richard dreamed of fire and awful nightmares. He awoke in a grave with the power to become ghostly, but no longer able to take a winged form.

It took weeks to master this form; during that time Richard could reflect on his past life of crime and vowed to do better with his new life. He was able to convince his son and grandchildren of his identity and used his ghostly powers against evil doers and criminals.

One of the grandsons began to age slowly as a teenager. He eventually moved his family to Canada to hide how his children had aged, but he hadn’t. Richard spent his time split between his family and the far east, where he searched for answers to his condition. Richard was eventually shot and killed (in his human form) defending the people in a bank robbery.

Returning from the dead with both his ghostly and winged forms at his command, Richard went to the Far East to discover answers to his conditions. For years, he alternated between time with his descendants and searching for these answers. Finally, Richard returned full-time to Canada where he vowed to use his powers to defend people.

Richard lives in Toronto and his closest confidante is a great-granddaughter who is now 28 years old, though she looks no more than 23. Richard has rebuilt his fortune yet again with sound investment and family-run businesses. His great-granddaughter, Angela, runs the face of Merchant Enterprises.

There are family tales of many relatives living unnaturally long life spans. Richard however, has stopped ageing entirely. He seems to be in his early 40s, he has blue eyes and sandy brown hair; he is fit and stands six feet tall.

In heroic form, Richard is several inches taller and more physically imposing with golden feathers that span half again his height. He wears a costume of red, white and gold, including a mask to hide his features (which are similar to his own regular features, though he is slightly stronger of jaw and his hair is longer and more golden).

In ghostly form, Richard is cloaked and his face appears only in shadows; he is still six feet tall but appears terribly gaunt and the air around him carries an eerie chill.

I suspect the great grand daughter will be a 1pt dependant.

I hadn’t really fleshed out the company or Richard’s investments. Let’s say ME is a holding company; they are backing a small chain of electronics stores in the gta and a couple internet startups as well as bookstores in York and Scarborough with a fledgling online book business.

Richard’s personal wealth also stems from other investments besides ME.

I would have to google Toronto to nail down a ’burb, but I see Richard in an “old” neighbourhood with a detached house on its “fairly big for the city” plot of land.

Drives a $60k sedan and business formal dress for 9-to-5, artwork in the house.

(When we get some xp, I do want to buy up wealth to a third level, that’s where I see the character, I just don’t have the points yet.)

For hooks, one idea is that Richard went to the Far East for spiritual guidance. I haven’t taken nemesis or organizational ties or whatever, but having a spiritual mentor travel to Toronto for help is quite possible; we can flesh that out later.

Richard Merchant: Captain Hero

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